1 – The extent of the category of terms defined for the client shall be in line with the type of license, as provided in the license definition in this offer above, including in connection with the degree of security selected by the client [Login with password or 2-step verification]. The client certifies that it is aware that the usage of the system is monitored by Buzzilla to enforce this section, and it waives any claim, including privacy claims, in respect to such monitoring.

2 – Buzzilla hereby grants the client a personal paid license that is exclusive and non-transferable and/or non-convertible and/or non-assignable (including the option of co-working, leasing, or issuing a sub-license) and/or use in software by anyone other than the client. The license type is specified in this offer. It is forbidden to duplicate, distribute, re-engineer, or modify the program in any way.

3 – It is hereby clarified that each license under this offer is personal and only meant for one user of the Client. The client agrees not to allow any other party, other than the user for whom the license subscription has been specified, to use the software or system.

4 – All copyrights of the software, system, applications, codes, graphic files, and trademarks are the property of Buzzilla only. It is clarified to the client that the license grants it the limited right to use the software for its internal needs only, and this agreement does not grant any right to the client in the software or its intellectual property except for the above right of use. The client shall not make any use of the software in favor of another third party, including its clients, suppliers, parent company, subsidiary or sister company, shareholders, controlling shareholders, or any other party. It is hereby clarified that it is strictly forbidden to transfer and/or disclose any third party to the products of the system for research or analysis purposes. This includes a total prohibition on the client transferring, leasing, or selling the license and/or the rights deriving therefrom to another.

5 – The client's products delivered and/or presented to a third party and which are based on the system's products shall always bear an accentuated "powered by Buzzilla" logo, which shall be provided to the client by the company. The client undertakes not to cause such logo to be removed, deleted, or omitted.

6 – It is hereby clarified that Buzzilla shall not be responsible for the content published online and which are located and/or processed by the software and it shall not have any responsibility for the quality of the content, its authenticity, copyright, or any incorrect or harmful publication or information distributed online. It is hereby clarified that Buzzilla shall not be liable for any disruption in the reading of the information and its detection resulting from third-party related faults, including search engine errors, network faults, or any communication or other fault beyond its control. It is also clarified that Buzzilla shall not be responsible for the information provided by the software and shall not be liable for any damage of any kind caused to the client due to the use of the software. In addition, it is clarified that Buzzilla is not responsible for responses received online following the participation in discussions, and shall not be liable for any damage of any kind and type caused to the client due to the participation in the discussions.

7 – Each party must preserve confidentiality and shall not disclose any knowledge, information, or professional secrets of any kind and sort, known or to be known to it, concerning the other party, including the terms of this agreement.

8 – This offer exhausts all and any other agreements between the parties regarding the right of use in the software by the client and the provision of the services as specified therein, and upon signing, any agreement, promise, obligation, presentation, or previous agreement made between the parties regarding the right of use in the software by the client is void, if any such made. Any amendment, change or addition shall be valid only if made in writing and signed by both parties. The jurisdiction regarding this proposal shall be in the competent courts in Tel Aviv only.

9 – Any breach of the provisions of these terms of the agreement, particularly Sections 2-4 above, shall constitute a fundamental breach of the terms of the agreement, entitling Buzzilla to monetary compensation equal to the annual cost of the license as set forth in the Buzzilla price list at the time of the breach, without the need for a proof of damage, in addition to and without derogating from Buzzilla's right to any other remedy under any law, including an injunction relief.

10 – Except to related parties and/or as part of the sale of all or most of the shares and/or activities of the endorsing and/or transferring party, neither party shall be permitted to endorse and/or transfer this agreement without the prior written consent of the other.